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About Men Over 50.com
Why a web site specializing in products, services and information for men over 50? Good question. Like many of you, I grew up with the “fence line”, (i.e., the socially imagined point of male retirement/irrelevance and/or “beginning of the end” as age 65. Also, like most of you, I have noticed that increasingly this line seems to have been moved back-to of all places- 50!
If you don’t believe me, watch the tube for a while. On mine, I see younger and younger looking men plagued with a variety of “problems”: Man “A” has ED-the dreaded, dreaded ED. He hulks about as his female companion twiddles her fingers and looks bored. Then, voila! The magic pill makes them both smile. Man B runs to the john 5 times a night. Man “C” is just a dumb slob who does and says everything wrong, etc, etc.
Basically, the more I read, and watched, the more I saw a need to help redefine some notions and prejudices about this group. I would bet I read the expression “men over 50” ten or more times a week-usually more, much more. Further, it seemed that no one was really marketing effectively to this group of supposedly wilting males in society. So we decided to take a shot and give men over 50 a web site devoted to their needs. No one had even bothered to register the menover50 domain name until we came along. Our purpose is celebrating the maturity, experience and the many contributions of men in this age group. Also, we want to provide unique information, products and services that specifically focus on the needs of men over 50.
I acknowledge that getting a handle on an audience this vast is difficult at best. I also realize that there are many classes of men over 50 (ethnic, religious, racial, ages and lifestyle). That is why I earnestly appreciate your input, your suggestions and your assistance as we continue to refine and clarify our focus. The success of this enterprise will always depend on your trust, respect and support. I know that we must earn it.
Please and visit often. Watch us grow and mature (my God, did I say that?).
The act of building a successful enterprise, is challenging, and fulfilling. So is giving back to make a difference. Therefore, 5% of our profits are donated to and shared by The American Heart Association and Prostate Cancer Foundation.
Please send your comments and suggestions to: info@menover50.com.
“Being a man is good-being a mature man is better-being a man over 50 is best!”
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